Smart Energy Lab, field tests  energy storage, solar power generation, and smart monitoring systems.


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  1. Hello,

    We’ve been following your blog for a while, which is very instructive, and we’re distributing sodium-ion (AHI technology) in France. It seems like you’ve got a bank of Aquion running with a set of SMA SI & SB, we’re very curious about their field performance, how long you’ve been operating them ? Troublefree running ?

    We’d love to have your feedback on these.

    Thanks in advance !

    Best regards

    1. Hi Julien, the Aquion company went into bankruptcy in Feb 2017 so their products are no longer available. We did briefly have the Aquion batteries connected to a Sunny Island inverter and used the Aquion “Datatap” box to emulate a lithium ion battery so that the SI would charge correctly. Clever idea. Glen

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